New Construction

Inspect your home construction as it progresses

Building a New Home?

Tony Hecht Enterprises will inspect the construction as it progresses. Municipal building inspectors do not catch all the defects in construction. Stucco, windows and doors are not inspected. Municipal inspectors frequently spend less than 10 minutes in a home per visit. They do not even test the electrical system. We will be on-site at every phase of construction to protect your interests, and will report to you throughout construction.

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Tony Hecht Enterprises will inspect the progress at crucial stages to protect your interests.

Our construction expert will work with your superintendent so repairs may start immediately before the drywall, insulation and stucco are installed. Otherwise, defects may be covered up before they are ever inspected.

You Need Us

City building inspectors do not catch all of the defects in construction. An ASU study noted they may spend less than 10 minutes per visit. Some Red-Tagged building violations are not corrected.

Pre-Drywall Inspection

Our Construction Inspector has spent over 30 years building homes just like yours and is widely respected by the builders. We are here to help during the construction of your dream home.

Post Closing Inspection

Have us inspect your completed new home- before you move in. We will be able to walk your accessible roofs and inspect your attic plus report on the defects inside and outside your home.

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Give yourself the gift of peace of mind.