Infrared Imaging

Detect issues before they cause damage

Detect issues before they cause expensive damage

INFRARED THERMOGRAPHY* evaluate the performance of the insulation in your home and to detect wet drywall and flooring. We may find dangerous overheated circuits in the main electrical panel.

INSULATION SCAN* When you have comfort complaints in your home, it may not be the air conditioner or furnace that is to blame. Framing or insulation installation may be the reason for hot or cold rooms and high utility bills. The insulation in your walls and attic must be installed in contact with the drywall, without voids or compression. Our infrared camera scans the surface of the drywall and detects areas where insulation is missing or incorrectly installed.

MOISTURE SCAN* Our infrared camera can also detect wet drywall and flooring before they show moisture damage. If you have had leakage in your home, please call us for a moisture scan.

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