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Gain valuable information about the largest purchase of your lifetime

As a home buyer you may view our inspection as a way to gain valuable information about the largest purchase of your lifetime. Our home inspection will help you determine whether there are any major defects or system inadequacies before you buy, and minimize any unpleasant surprises or significant burdens later.

High Quality Services

The Most Trusted Inspection Company in Arizona.

Resale Inspection

Every home speaks for itself… we tell you what it is saying.


Single offices or big box stores, we inspect it all.


We find wet surfaces, missing insulation and overheated breakers*

11-Month Inspection

We have inspected more new homes in Arizona than anyone else.

Sewer Inspections

Like a colonoscopy for your sewer*

Mold Inspections

Is the air you are breathing free of dangerous mold?

New Construction

We are the pros at finding defects that would otherwise be covered up.


You hate termites and so do we*


We will measure the air for radioactive gas that is colorless, odorless and invisible.

*Optional Service

Experience, Integrity, Thoroughness & Comprehensive Services.

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